SIHH Preview - TONDA METROGRAPHE by Parmigiani Fleurier

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January 2016

Blue Abyss

The brand’s signature colour, the delicate and subtle ‘Blue abyss’, can only be created by someone who masters the most exacting parameters: a specialist electroplating bath, perfectly adjusted current and meticulous temperature control. “Under the effect of electrolysis, the colour is transformed: the initial bright orange shade turns into an almost rust-coloured brown; next, purplish tones appear, as deep as the striking colour of aubergines; finally, waves of blue materialise with this blue-violet hue which turns blue... and then a moment later... Blue abyss. Stop. Two or three seconds more in this bath and the piece would have turned to royal blue then grey.” Beating inside the Tonda Métrographe is the automatic manufacture FP 315 chronograph movement with variable-inertia balance and twin series coupled barrels.

Source: Europa Star December/January 2016 Magazine Issue