SIHH Preview - EMC PISTOL by Urwerk

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January 2016

Wild West Futurism

The EMC, the world’s only 100% mechanical watch whose rate can be checked electronically by simply pressing a button, represents the Holy Grail of Urwerk’s timekeeping. Resolutely futuristic in function and display, the new limited edition EMC Pistol nevertheless bears more than a passing resemblance to a gunslinger’s pistol from the Wild West. This impression is fully justified: its intricate engraving is the work of Florian Güllert who, over the past 15 years, has earned an international reputation for his unique skill in transforming rifles and handguns into stunning works of the engraver’s art. Navigating deftly between contrasting genres, the engraved Pistol is nevertheless a genuinely intelligent watch: it features an optical sensor that works with the balance wheel, an electronic oscillator that acts as the reference device, a computer that determines the difference between the rate of the movement and that of the reference oscillator, and a hand-wound generator.

Source: Europa Star December/January 2016 Magazine Issue