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February 2017

Bulgari and the Octo Finissimo collection has set several new records, notably with the Octo Tourbillon and Octo Minute Repeater, testifying to exceptional mastery and expertise in the art of extreme slimness as applied to a watch.

The Octo watch by Bulgari continues its exploration of Haute Horlogerie by adding a new dimension, that of extreme slenderness.
The fascinating and complex Octo watch by Bulgari has become a distinctive style element for men who wish to make their own choices, who boldly assert their personality and live out their passions to the full. The new interpretations of Octo reveal contemporary timepieces powered by refined mechanisms: an ultra-slim watch, a tourbillon, a skeletonised small seconds watch and a minute repeater model. A range of innovative and seductive timepieces stemming from the ever-dynamic inspiration cultivated by the Maison and sharing a common denominator that can be summed up in one word: extreme slenderness.
With Octo Finissimo, the watch Manufacture achieves a new feat. The mastery of ultra-thin horology is considered a master-complication in its own right. Extreme slenderness cannot be attained simply by reducing a watch’s proportions on paper. Its entire construction must be revised, components must be slimmed down and major technical parts redesigned, in order to achieve a new balance of volumes and shapes. And this must all be done while guaranteeing the dynamic qualities and the precision of the mechanical movement within a smaller space.
The quest for extreme slenderness is indeed one of the last frontiers of watchmaking luxury, one that transcends every limit in terms of complexity, for the sole purpose of exalting exceptional products.

Source: Europa Star TIME.BUSINESS/TIME.KEEPER Dec. 2016 - Jan. 2017