Christmas at Reuge

November 2004

The holiday period is rapidly approaching... already!It’s the same dilemma every year – what do you give the person you love, how do you thank someone who has helped you out, how do you honour an important figure and, most importantly, what would be a surpriseıReuge recommends “Lounge” range with its contemporary designs, including:

The Wiener Werkstätte music box, with pearwood casing, angled lid and modern inlay work in stained black sessile oak, rosewood and burr mahogany, echoing the style of the early 19th century Austrian artists’ movement, the Wiener Werkstätte.

144-note comb
3 tunes lasting 36 seconds each
Tune indicator with digital display
Some 2,200 pins on the cylinder
Nickel-plated new generation movement with blue steel screws and 22-minute power reserve
Machined, jewelled speed governor
Machined spring-housing
Machined, chamfered base-plate engraved with the “Côtes de Genève”, mirror polished sides
Dimensions: 380 x 140 x 110 mm

Bitter Black and Red China singing bird boxes… avant-garde creations in a departure from the conventional - the singing bird mechanism is placed inside a slightly mysterious object, secret, strange and smooth, with no apparent openings. This resolutely modern singing bird box is made of high quality aluminium, coated in black or a red that imitates Chinese red. In the black version, the bird’s feathers are red; in the red box, they're black.

Brass automaton bird covered in genuine bird feathers applied individually as part of an 8-hour process
Power reserve 7 times the song cycle
Mechanical movement made up of over 250 hand-assembled parts
Dimensions: 185 x 109 x 60 mm

Source: Reuge Press Release
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