April 2005

Founded a quarter of century ago by André Le Marquand and his wife, the eponym watch brand changes owner with the retirement of its founders. It is the new company Master Timekeeper MTK S.A., held by Cédric Le Marquand, which becomes the owner of the brand. The son of the founder wants to make of “Le Marquand” a high-end brand. A new line of mechanical automatic chronometers with a fly-back hand command, of 45mm and 41 mm diameter, with big date and power-reserve indicator, are under development.

Like many watch brands in the medium price range, Le Marquand suffered from the collapse of the Middle-East markets after the events of 11 September 2001. These difficulties and the retirement of the founders incited Cédric Le Marquand to take on the shareholding of his parents and to create a completely new company, of which the only relation with the former company is the factory of Bulle.

André Le Marquand, brilliant designer - we owe him the “spaceman” which is featured in the Modern Art Museum of New York and the famous Sidewatch collection - continues to create timekeepers for MTK S.A.

The first task of MTK S.A. was to rebuild its distribution networks in the Middle East. This has been achieved through an agreement concluded with the leading watch distribution company, covering 10 countries in this area. The US market is being opened through a local partner who wishes to widen the activities of MTK S.A. on the American territory. MTK S.A. reserves the right to create or to buy back other brands.

The new image of Le Marquand passes by the abandonment of a segment where the competition is very active. The new models for “Gents” will be assembled with automatic mechanical movements, with some complications, the quartz being the privilege of “Lady” models.

Source: Master Timekeeper MTK S.A.

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