LOCMAN Group acquired LEANDRI brand

September 2005

The LOCMAN Group, one among the protagonists of the Italian and international luxury world, acquired the LEANDRI brand, which is experiencing a fast growth in the horology sector. From now on, LOCMAN, that since 2002 had been dealing with LEANDRI’s production through its industrial enterprise seated in Milan, will be committed with the distribution of LEANDRI watches through its well established national and international sales network. This acquisition will allow the Leandri line to have a wider presence assured in the market and a further chance of growing.

LEANDRI, even though it started as an independent brand only in the last years, looks back on well consolidated origins within the horology sector.

In fact, LEANDRI started during the lively Sixties, and it is just by the explosion of shapes and colors, the plurality of styles and the emphasis placed on individualism, characterizing those years, that the Leandri Brothers were inspired in their creations.

LEANDRI’s project consists in proposing and selling to great international watch-maker houses original models, capable of creating new fashions and
A distinctive feature of the prototypes presented is their unusually shaped cases - domed, oval, rectangular – combined with unusual materials such as silver, wood, leather. These watches are audacious and reflect the spirit of those times. Even though great watch brands are still sticking to traditional sobriety, LEANDRI’s creations succeed in conquering the approval of very important firms.

During the Seventies chronographs with moonphase, plastic watches, foulard-straps, do-it-yourself watches were booming, and LEANDRI’s name definitely conquered its place in the market, distinguishing itself by good design, innovation and quality of a product wholly made in Italy.

In 2002 LEANDRI, relying on its solid production structure, one among the most effective and modern existing on the Italian scene, and an already consolidated know-how as well, decided to go into the market as an independent brand.

In 2004 and 2005 LEANDRI participates in the International Horology and Jewellery Salon of Basel, where it met a vast consent on the part of the specialized press and purchasers from all over the world. In fact, nowadays LEANDRI’s brand is present in all the most important markets of international horology.

Source: LEANDRI Italia