Formex introduces Square Adrenalin

October 2005


All watches of this Lengnau watch manufacturer distinguish themselves through their unique patented active suspension which makes each watch significantly more shock resistant and provides a high wearing comfort. In this way it adapts perfectly to each wrist - no matter what the stress. Furthermore the instrument is presented to the viewer like a console, making the watch easier to read.
In contrast to all competitor products, the speedometer start was set at 6 o’clock so that the 120 km mark is exactly at 12 o’clock. With a two-function second hand, it is therefore possible to display both the speedometer and the chronograph function. In the models with a mechanical automatic chronograph movement, both the crown and the push-button are arranged at 12 o’clock. A further Formex feature, which also prevents them from exerting pressure on the hand. On the practical side, too, new solutions were sought and found. The wearer of a Formex should be able to individually adjust the watch without having to consult an expert. For this reason a titanium bracelet was developed, in which each link features a steel screw that can easily be removed with an Allen key (supplied) and adjusted to fit the wearer’s wrist.
With the launch of the new model AS6500 GMT this spring, Formex is also going its own way in terms of shape and design. The striking and superlatively worked case is square and the inner and outer non-reflecting sapphire crystal is round. A special feature places the additional crown at three o’clock for the activation of the computing disk. A high quality aluminium box with tools and extra watch band is supplied with every model.
When he was asked about the striking shape of the watch, Formex CEO Ferdinand Grädel said: “Four years ago, when we presented our first Formex collection to the press, our watches were a sensational novelty, not only because of their patented suspension. Thanks to their unique shape with the inclined console and their generous dimensions the watches were refreshingly different and thus distanced themselves from their competitors. Today, large watches have become a “must” for all makes. With the shape of the AS 6500 GMT, designed like a board instrument, we will be pioneers once more.”


Source: August -September 2005 Issue