Yema seduces China

February 2006

At a time when the People’s Republic of China is becoming the next key market in the luxury industry, Louis-Eric Beckensteiner, Chairman of the “Yema Maison Horlogère Française 1948” is seizing the opportunity to work with the PeaceMark Ltd holding (one of the main distributors of prestigious watch brands, with over 600 points of sale in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) to distribute the company’s collections.

With its 70 new models in the “Lab”, Création” and “Classique” lines, its totally French style and top-quality products, Yema has all the right attributes to seduce the Chinese population who, thanks to a huge rise in purchasing power over the last twenty years (nearly +9% on average per year), should represent a quarter of the global luxury market by the year 2015.


“Ovalie”: men’s chronograph, orange leather strap and black dial with orange counters (ref. FR 057)

The first steps of Yema Maison Horlogère Française 1948 in Asia mark the beginning of the young company’s international expansion, with a brand which is rediscovering its legendary success, carried by the desire and passion of its director and its staff and returning to the position the company well deserves.

This is a significant first stage, one year after the purchase of the Seiko Watch Corporation (brand, premises, stock, spare parts, client accounts and customer service) by Louis-Eric Beckensteiner (then former General Director of Yema SA) for one million euros.

The brand’s new collections display a timely brightness! The innovative style of the “Yema Création” range will seduce enthusiasts of the contemporary look: 4 lines of women’s watches in attractive, warm and bright colours which are available in styles to suit every personality; and 4 lines of men’s, women’s and unisex chronographs associating barrel, oval or round dials with leather or metal and which will charm the trendy sportsman and the chic urbanite alike!

“Rive Gauche”
A feminine line in an original shape with its rectangular case in gold-plate, silver chrome or steel, held with a thin leather strap or a metal bracelet. Water-resistant to 30 metres, these watches are available in several versions: case and bracelet in gold-plate with white dial; case and bracelet in silver chrome with white dial; black satin-finish leather strap with black dial; aniseed green leather bracelet and dial; and fuchsia satin-finish leather strap and dial.

This line of chronographs, water-resistant to 100 metres, displays 3 counters: minutes, seconds and 12-hour. With screw-back steel case and metal or leather straps with butterfly buckle, this model is available in 3 versions:

- men’s: chocolate leather strap and dial; sea blue leather strap and dial; white or black dial with steel bracelet;

- unisex: steel bracelet with white dial, sea blue leather strap and dial; black leather strap and dial;

- women’s: steel bracelet with white dial; verdigris leather strap and dial; violet leather strap and dial.

Exclusively for men, this line of chronographs, water-resistant to 100 metres with a steel screw-back case and butterfly buckle leather strap, is available in a variety of colours: black dial/Bordeaux strap; blue dial/black strap, white dial/faun strap; black dial/light brown strap; black dial/orange strap.

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