Luminox, the American watch brand teams up with Mondaine

April 2006

What started as a private label customer relationship has now been expanded into a close partnership. Since 1989, two American watch pioneers have made a success of the brand and collection of the very masculine Luminox wristwatches, which have unparalleled self-powered illumination at night and are remarkably easy to read in any light condition, including complete darkness. They have been successful in the USA and meanwhile in more than twenty other countries as well. All watches have been manufactured in Switzerland by various producers, and also recently by Mondaine. The owners of Mondaine, André and Ronnie Bernheim, were so thrilled by the marketing concept and distribution of the brand that they became financially and personally involved as shareholders by buying half of the company from one of the founders. The two brothers are excited to join forces with the remaining founding partner, Barry Cohen, who created the Luminox brand and concept, to continue to develop the brand globally. Through the exclusive representation, Mondaine Watch Ltd gains not only the weighty customer L&M Swiss Watch Ltd (Luminox), but in addition, effective May 2006, it can start distribution of the Mondaine watch brand in America directly to the watch retailers through Lumondi Inc., the distribution company of Luminox which was renamed on the occasion of the takeover. The Luminox brand will benefit from the logistics and the international distribution channels of the Mondaine Group. Luminox watches, which have been tried and proven in tough applications in the fields of sports, emergency services, forestry, police, the military and hunting, are equipped with small glass capsules, which are manufactured in Switzerland. Using this illumination system, Luminox watches don’t need any light to charge and remain considerably easier to read in the dark for more than 25 years, compared to watches with conventional illumination systems. The new company investment, the separate American sales organization, and the Luminox brand mean a new milestone in the history of the Mondaine Group and the Bernheim family.

Source: Mondaine Watch

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