Soyuz brand presentation

May 2006

The Russian Rekord Watch-Making Company Ltd, owner of the brand Soyuz, and one of the leaders in the Russian watch market, presented its brand at the International Watch Exhibition BaselWorld after its success at the Inhorgenta 2006 Exhibition.

The Soyuz presentation received interest from the exhibition visitors and the stand was particularly frequented by the general public. Dealers from various countries came to admire the collection of complicated mechanical watches, including a tourbillon with a balance bridge in the form of a twin-head skeletonized eagle and day and date retrograde indicators.


Valery Pavlovich Polyakov, a well-known Russian actor who has played the role of Joseph Stalin in a great number of Russian movies, presented the collection at the stand. The choice of this character was not a pure accident since it was Joseph Stalin who had ordered the design and development of watches under the Soyuz brand name near Moscow in the 1940s.

The Rekord Watch-Making Company Ltd. originated in 1993 when the Petrosov family launched their watch business in Moscow. The main activities of the company were initially to produce bespoke watches ordered by the Russian state and commercial organizations. The success of these projects led to the idea of creating a new brand.

In 1999 the rights for the Rekord and Soyuz trademarks were acquired. It was decided to develop several collections under the Rekord name for the Russian and other ex-Soviet Republic markets. Rekord became an umbrella brand incorporating five collections, each with its own philosophy, market positioning in various price segments and targeting at dissimilar customer groups. The main stress was made on the two series of mechanical watches including those with complicated features.

Rekord Watch-Making Company Ltd. has always been in constant quest for new market opportunities. After thorough consideration, market analysis and pilot sales in the European and American markets in 2004-2005, a decision for the full-scale development of a new Soyuz Premium project was taken.

Soyuz Premium, counting over 70 models, is not only recognized for its prestigious mechanical watches with complicated functions, but also for its historical saga, which dates back to the 1940s. At the time when Joseph Stalin ordered the production of watches under the Soyuz brand name, they were not for sale outside of the Russian lords and world leaders. Soyuz timepieces accompanied Soviet leaders to the grand events of the 20th century. If Soyuz watches could talk, they would have their story to tell.

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