Arche by Balmain

July 2006

With its Arche models, Balmain has created a new timepiece - the world’s first chronograph with three retrograde counters, a product of the Swiss company ETA. This timepiece is also a tribute to two world-famous architectural works: the Grande Arche at La Défense in Paris and The Gate, which forms the entrance to the financial hub of Dubai.


Arche by Balmain has brought together the brand’s favourite aspects: innovative horological development and monumental architectural design. The bezel is highly symbolic: with or without the Wesselton diamonds, it forms an arch on three surfaces with a ‘ruisseau’-type fixed attachment for the bracelet or strap at 12 o’clock and lugs which blend almost invisibly into the links of the steel bracelet or the bar of the leather strap at 6 o’clock.


The Arche Chrono reverse chronograph presents a world first retrograde display with 30-second, 5-minute and 60-minute counters. Every 30 seconds, the hand returns to its starting position and causes the 5-minute counter to advance regularly by half a minute. When this counter arrives at the full 5 minutes it causes the hour-counter to jump by 5 minutes. The return-to-zero function is also retrograde. The Balmain 076 calibre was developed by the Swiss movement manufacturer ETA. This chronograph, which also has an additional small seconds counter, is available in a number of different options.

Source: Montres Balmain

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