New launch: Steinway & Sons

November 2007

Steinway & Sons in New York and Steinway & Sons Luxury Swiss Watches share a timeless elegance of uncompromising high standards and passionate, highly-skilled craftsmen using materials of the very highest quality.

As with a Steinway & Sons piano, the meticulous attention to detail throughout the manufacture of a Steinway & Sons watch ensures melody and harmony go hand-in-hand with precision chronometry.

The latest generation of machines may mill both the seductively-shaped solid-gold watch cases and the curvaceous grand piano bodies; however, it is skilled craftsmen who hand-polish the precious metal to a rich sheen, and the piano's lacquer to an illustrious mirror finish.

Men's Model

The iconic shape of the grand piano's precious-timber sound board is reflected in the form of the
precious-metal dial of the watches and, on both instruments, the strings are painstakingly fitted by hand. As much care goes into the selection of the precious diamonds in the dial of the ladies watch as goes into the selection of the precious timber in a Steinway piano.

It is only in duplicating the exacting standards set by Steinway & Sons over generations that Steinway & Sons Luxury Swiss Watches is able to offer exquisite timepieces worthy of bearing the legendary Steinway & Sons name.

Ladies Diamond-Set Model

Fabrizio Cavalca, the founder of Steinway & Sons Luxury Swiss Watches is eminently qualified for managing this prestigious new brand. He is a passionate and gifted pianist who, after studying music for ten years at the Conservatory of Music in Lyon (France), moved to Milan (Italy) to study design. An interest in horology then led Fabrizio to design his own successful line of ladies watches. Now with Steinway & Sons Luxury Watches, Fabrizio brings the three passions in his life, Music, Design and Horology, harmoniously together.

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