Xantia SA – the competence center for private-label watches

February 2008

Headquartered in Bienne in Switzerland’s horological heartland, Xantia SA has positioned itself as a competence center for the development and production of a broad spectrum of Swiss-made timepieces. The company owes its reputation not least to watches with integrated special functions for medical, transponder, and monitoring applications.

In the watchmaking community and in many other industries that rely on innovative electronics, Xantia is a globally reputed maker of high-quality watches. For more than 40 years, the company has been active as a general contractor for prominent watch brands, offering everything from an underlying idea to the implementation of a complete collection.
Xantia serves the free private-label market for Swiss-made products in four distinctive segments: Classic brands; fashion brands; outdoor and sports, and industrial technologies. Leveraging its decades of experience and in-depth know-how, Xantia masters the development of sophisticated designs, new technologies, and complex concepts.

Jean-Pierre Loetscher, CEO of Xantia SA

The trend in watches for the outdoor segment clearly points toward additional functions and user benefits. They feature compasses, altitude and depth meters, thermometers, regatta calculators, or heart rate monitors. There are virtually no limits to the imagination.
In the segment of watches for technical applications, Xantia has built a niche market for itself by accepting the challenge of developing new features that can be integrated in timepieces. For instance, the company pioneered watches that can remotely control hearing instruments (for Phonak) as well as patient-monitoring timepieces (for SHL Telemedicine).

Michel Hofer, Marketing and Sales Director

Xantia CEO Jean-Pierre Lötscher is convinced that “new lifestyles call for customized technologies. Our objective is to identify further applications in the industrial/medical fields and to develop projects with potential customers. We are also eager to demonstrate our skills in the domain of fashion brands. Fast-lived trends and short fashion cycles call for creativity and distinctive styling. We address the needs of our customers and offer them all-in-one competence for the production of Swiss-made private-label watches.”

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