Replay: a new name from the Christian Bernard Group

September 2008

Christian Bernard is linking up with Replay, an Italian brand of the Fashion Box group and a huge name in denim at the centre of fashion to launch a collection of watches.

Replay Time
Today producing a collection of watches, Replay is fulfilling the dream of and paying homage to the creator of the brand, Claudio Buziol, an enthusiastic collector of sports cars from the 1930s to the 1950s. The brand revisits, in the greatest detail, the pure tradition of watch making with creations associating vintage-style finishes: brushed steel, polished tiles, Italian leather, engraved crown and back.


For its first collection, Replay drew its inspiration from the 1950s motor sports industry whose graphic codes combine nostalgia and modernity to express spirit perfectly. Eight lines of watches have the names of eight cult cars whose emblematic detail and curves inspire this collection: Royal, GT, Spécial, Speed, Torpedo, Coupé. Spaceliner and Pocket.

Source: C.F.H.B.J.O

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