Balmain and Miss Switzerland: a true love affair

September 2008

For the fourth year in a row, Miss Switzerland will light up homes throughout Switzerland, wearing a Balmain watch. The new beauty queen will be presented with an Elysées Chrono Lady and at the same time will become ambassador for the St-Imier brand.

Some love affairs never stop producing sparks. And one of these is without doubt the idyll between Balmain watches and the most beautiful women in Switzerland. Since 2005, the St-Imier brand and the Miss Switzerland pageant have been intertwined with the utmost happiness. No wedding ring on the finger to seal their union, but a watch on the wrist.


The Balmain designers present an exclusive model at each pageant as a way of celebrating beauty, aestheticism, prestige and charm. Lauriane Gilliéron, Christa Rigozzi and Amanda Ammann have already become more attractive by wearing a Balmain. The new Miss Switzerland will shine even more on 27 September adorned with the new model from the Elysées collection, the Elysées Chrono Lady.

The Elysées collection has already been behind the Maison's reputation for about ten years, by making its mark on man- and womankind. This new chrono symbolises perfectly the qualities of the Misses just as well as those of modern women: elegant, independent, urbane, active and refined.

Although Miss Switzerland only wears one Elysées Chrono Lady, set with diamonds and with a mother-of-pearl dial enhanced with arabesques, there are no less than thirteen models in the entire collection with quartz workings: with or without inset diamonds, silvered, dark grey or mother-of-pearl and arabesque dials, steel, white leather or anthracite satin straps.

It goes without saying that every model, like every Balmain watch, proudly exhibits Swiss design and quality. For at Balmain, beauty is also inside.

Source: Balmain

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