The new Tendence Watches

February 2009

Tendence are watches created to tempt and supported by a reliable constructive groundwork which amazes for the choice of avant-garde technology.

Tendence Watches
The Tendence watches have been selected by some of the best stores around the world to enrich their choice, guaranteeing to complete even the most individual looks with unique and stylish objects of design.


In early September 2008, Tendence further increased its potential, presenting the new and prestigious Swiss Made line with the launch of the Limited Editions “Mystery” Gulliver. In early 2009, four new Swiss Line Gulliver Models in Titanium are launched.


Gulliver line
With its innovative, tridimensional dial and adding special value with the case made out of a mixture from stainless steel and polycarbonate. This material composition offers lightness, resistance and infinite color combinations.


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