Bedat & Co – Back to basics

February 2009

Bedat & Co, the Geneva-based Swiss watchmaker, currently employing 20 people, will from now on contribute to the activities of it new parent company Luxury Concepts Watches & Jewellery Sdn Bhd, the Malaysia-based brand management company, in partnership with Viviane Fankhauser, acting-CEO of Bedat & Co.

Luxury Concepts is dedicated to introducing and managing highly-specialized, niche watch and jewellery brands.
Through a high-end network, Luxury Concepts successfully targets watch enthusiasts who appreciate the fine art of watch making - a perfect match for Bedat & Co.

With the presence of Viviane Fankhauser, the “Joaillier de l’Acier” is going back to its basics and re-focuses on the core activities which made its success: timepieces whose timeless allure and fine workmanship recognisably belong to Bedat & Co. Expert in the crafting of movement clothing, Bedat & Co has always sourced its know-how in Switzerland, according to its own charter “A.O.S.C” (Certificate of Swiss Origin). A choice that will continue to generate work for the Swiss artisans.

Through a rigorously selected distribution, the Geneva house exports its watches in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Source: Bedat & Co. Geneve
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