The General Manager of Paul Picot retires

June 2009

After more than 30 years in the watch industry, Eric Oppliger (General Manager of the Swiss watch manufacturer, Paul Picot) takes his hard earned retirement.

It was in 2002 that Eric Oppliger took over the position of General Manager of the watch company Paul Picot S.A., founded in 1976. During his seven years of activity, he brilliantly defended Paul Picot’s fundamental values: to link the traditional art of the watch maker with the design and latest techniques available to the watch industry. He also strongly contributed to reinforcing the identity of the brand and its international recognition.

Mr. Oppliger’s successor, Christophe Schaefer, has a solid experience in the watch industry and in international distribution. He took over the position of General Manager of the company on June 1st 2009.

Source: Gretzcom

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