Roamer launches innovative marketing campaign

June 2009

Authenticity instead of celebrities: Roamer is presenting ambassadors which represent the brand in a very individual way as part of its new “Owner of a Roamer” marketing campaign.

Virginie Biffl from the design agency

Samy Liechti, CEO of

Unlike celebrity ambassadors, they represent determination, success and credibility. Their careers are perceived to be comprehensible and within the grasp of the consumer, although this makes them no less remarkable. Virginie Biffl from the design agency, Samy Liechti, the CEO of and Martin Perren, owner of the Hotel Post in Zermatt personally represent the values of this traditional Swiss brand.

Martin Perren, owner of the Hotel Post in Zermatt


As part of its new marketing campaign, Roamer is now bringing three of its supporters into the public spotlight. They are all style-conscious personalities and respected figures in the world of business in Switzerland, while being perceived as down-to-earth and approachable. The success and performance of all three brand ambassadors revolves around staying true to their values.

Source: Roamer
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