Timex Group purchases Marc Ecko watch trademark

June 2009

The Timex Group has purchased the Marc Ecko trademark for the design, manufacturing, marketing and sale of Ecko watches worldwide.

“A key strategy of Timex Group is to have a balanced portfolio of brands and to increase our share of owned versus licensed brands,” Timex Group President and Chief Executive Officer Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard said in a media release. “The purchase of the Marc Ecko trademark in the watch category helps us advance that goal and, importantly, aligns with our strategy to build brands that represent global growth.”

Marc Ecko's street-culture-inspired watches, such as the “Flyaway” style seen here, will now be designed, manufactured, marketed and sold through Timex Group

Having evolved from a small T-shirt company, Marc Ecko Enterprises has grown to become a full-scale fashion and lifestyle company, last year reporting more than $1.5 billion in global retail sales.

As for the Timex Group, its companies and licenses include the Timex business unit, featuring Timex, Timex Ironman and Opex; Timex Group Luxury Watches, with Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo; Callanen, with Nautica and TX; Sequel, featuring Guess and Gc; Vertime, with Versace and Versus; and Vincent Berard.

The group says the Ecko brand will be housed in the Timex business unit led by Adam Gurian, president of the Timex division.

“The purchase of the Ecko trademark dovetails with our strategy to develop new distribution opportunities through the evolution of both fashion and technology,” Gurian said in the release. “Key to this success will be the use of total group technology resources in conjunction with our core brand development team.”