Ambre takes over the Yema brand

September 2009

The result of a family trading company founded in 1965, the Ambre group is established in Morteau (Doubs), close to the Swiss border and is run by Mr Pascal Bole, C.E.O. and Mr Frank Minost, Managing Director.

Despite the quartz revolution of the seventies, the group has continued with and developed its activity in the watch making-jewellery sector thanks to its reactivity, its systematic adaptation to various trends and the major investments it has made. Through its many strategic positions, it benefits from solid establishment not only in France but also on foreign markets where its products (watches and jewellery) are distributed in over 80 different countries, mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“Sous-Marine” Diving watch, automatic, with 316L steel case and band

Ambre - which distributes the names “Paco Rabanne” (watches) and “Prima Classe” (watches, jewellery and pens) - also owns its own brands:

- “Yonger et Bresson”: a highly contemporary collection of quality watches, including a harmonious range of automatic designs manufactured in France

- “Catena”: a range of Swiss-made watches; this brand was bought by the Ambre Group in 2008.

The group has just added another brand to its name by taking over the “Yema Maison Horlogère Française 1948” brand.

Source: Emotion France/YEMA
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