20'000 FEET by CX Swiss Military Watch™, the record-breaking mechanical timepiece!

October 2009

Shattering existing limits: such is the motto of the CX Swiss Military Watch™ brand, which is proudly unveiling its record-breaking 20'000 FEET, the only mechanical timepiece able to plunge more than 6,000 metres deep!


Duly featured in the Guinness Book of Records, the 20'000 FEET fears nothing: neither the pressures equivalent to 750 kg/cm2 exercised at the bottom of the ocean; nor a dynamite blast; nor even rifle bullets. Such unwavering resistance and reliability are bound to fascinate enthusiasts of the extreme.


The three Real Life Tests to which the brand has subjected its chronograph confirm its extraordinary performances. Whether fired at by a Winchester rifle from a distance of just eight metres; placed on an explosive charge blasting at a speed of 5,000 metres/second; or submerged by water spurting at 6,000 litres/minute: the 20'000 FEET remained completely unperturbed and its hands continued to turn as if nothing unusual were happening !

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