Locman presents Montecristo

November 2009

Montecristo is the first mechanical watch developed by the Scuola Italiana di Orologeria (Italian Watchmaking School)

Montecristo island unexpectedly appears on the horizon as one looks out from the Island of Elba on clear days when the clouds are swept away by the north-westerly mistral, before vanishing again in the mists as soon as the wind turns. The mysterious profile of this legendary treasure island remains imprinted in the memory until the next time, a picturesque image evoking wild and wonderful places.


Special attention was devoted to creating the new oscillating weight, a decisive element in the automatic winding of the watch: built in a “heavyweight” alloy according to a patented design and coated with a black PVD treatment, the oscillating weight of the Montecristo ensures perfect rotation when the watch is placed on the wrist, even during less energetic daily movements.


This approach serves to ensure a greater power reserve for the spring that thus efficiently sustains the operation of the watch throughout the night. The Montecristo is assembled, adjusted and controlled in the Locman laboratories by technicians and experts of the S.I.O., the Scuola Italiana di Orologeria (Italian Watchmaking School) founded by Locman in 2006.

Source: Locman Italy
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