Icelink Mood: the new collection of watches by Icelink

February 2010 - For the very first time since entering the watch sector, the gem-watch brand Icelink, based in Geneva, is launching a range in which curves and diamonds combine to give birth to a line with a unique design : Icelink Mood. The brand reinterprets the round case, watch making's most classical form, while integrating its innovation already present in its 6Timezone Snow collection: IceFuel©.


With its multicultural creativity and its ’out of the box’ approach, Icelink typically defies conventions by redesigning the round case, the classical form par excellence of any timepiece. A source of unlimited inspiration, Los Angeles –the city of angels- allows Icelink to reinterpret in an aesthetic and innovative manner this timeless form in watch making.


Icelink has created Icelink Mood, filled with a dense liquid, which allows the matter to move in a slow harmony. This
watch thus pushes to the limit the idea of movement, which is no longer only represented by the mechanism and the hands, but also by the elements contained in the case. Diamonds and precious stones have been added, which - blended with IceFuel©- shape their own time movement that flows to the rhythm of the wrist that wears them.

Source: Icelink
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