Gaïa, a DELANCE dedicated to the Earth.

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May 2010 - In order to celebrate 2010, which is the international year of the Earth and of the connection of world cultures, Delance creates a watch reminding of various symbolic.

The number of stones, 72, represents the Earth number as well as the number of languages that merged around the Babel tower, so it is a symbol for humanity and unity. In the Feng Shui philosophy, yellow is the colour of centre and that of the Earth. (Gaïa is the word for “mother Earth” in Greek)

Gaïa, a DELANCE dedicated to the Earth.

The Diamond shape, which is a universal symbol for life, and a Chinese symbol for prosperity is linked here with the yellow colour, which is the symbol for ripe wheat and so it expresses the mystery of womanliness and of life. Moreover, the loop of infinity symbolizes the eternal renewal.

The setting in an “S” shape, which is entirely handmade and engraved (a savoir-faire that only a few masters have), conveys a precious bit of nostagia to it.

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