Lotus Ceramic collection

June 2010 In a world where trends are continuously changing, Lotus introduces its most avant-garde collection. This new range of watches has been inspired by the material of the 21st century: ceramic.

The Lotus Ceramic collection is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, quality and revolutionary material. Ceramic has a sensual feel. The stylish finishing reflects intensively the colour.

Lotus Ceramic collection Men´s analog watch, Ref. L15584/2 - Ladies analog watch, Ref. L15598/1

The Lotus Ceramic collection is designed for both men and women, with a wide range of three hand models, which catch the attention thanks to the innovative and futurist design of the cases and bracelets.

Lotus Ceramic is made up of a variety of models combining ceramic and steel, rectangular or square cases, clear dial faces with a light texture and index or Arabic numbers.

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