Andersen Geneve – The “Montre à Tact Regina”

June 2010

The tactful watch from ANDERSEN GENEVE has become a great classic and its untouched face a unique support for personalised artworks such as engravings and miniature paintings.

Now comes the MONTRE A TACT REGINA. Svend Andersen together with his team of artists and creators is proud to present today the first Lady’s Montre à Tact.

Andersen Geneve – The “Montre à Tact Regina”

In the shape of half a ball and covered with 529 diamonds of total 8,74 carats it doesn’t look like indicating time, but through the window between the attaches at « 6 » the hours can be read discreetly without turning the wrist.

This concept is also the base for individual decorations and personalization. The strap can be in satin or a gold bracelet. Case in red and white gold Diameter : 35 mm. Thickness : 16 mm

Source: Andersen Genève

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