Marc Ecko put the Rhino in Focus

June 2010

Marc Ecko Watches takes the rhino out of the scope in 2010, making it the focus of a series of bold fashion timepieces that speak to the global Ecko customer.

Known worldwide as the bold symbol of international fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur Marc Ecko, the rhino breaks boundaries of convention and navigates pop culture for a tribe of fashion, technology, media and cultural trendsetters.

Marc Ecko put the Rhino in Focus

The iconic rhino is a key element of several styles for 2010, with the archetype being the “Flint” watch, named for its black-on-black design. This style features a 43mm stainless steel case with matte-black ionic plating, a blacked-out dial with Ecko’s signature “running rhino” graphic and a super-soft silicon strap. “Flint” is also available with stone accents and a stainless steel bracelet.

Marc Ecko put the Rhino in Focus

Other Marc Ecko timepieces highlight the rhino with diversity- from graffiti-inspired artwork as a bold statement (E07502G2), to the subtle design detailing on the dial paired with oversized numerals and knurling on the bezel (E13591G1).

Source: Marc Ecko