Renata launches 0% Mercury batteries

July 2010

In response to our planets most stringent environmentally protective heavy metal laws, Renata, the power source for the Swiss watch industry, recently introduced its new line of 0% mercury, silver oxide watch batteries.

New laws requiring this technology are currently scheduled for July 1, 2011 implementation in several states, covering new device sales as well as service and distribution. It is anticipated that additional states, as well as markets around the world, will quickly follow.

Renata launches 0% Mercury batteries

Producing mercury free watch batteries has been a major focus for Renata over the past several years. High volume distribution of this innovative, new and improved product has already begun via leading Swiss watch movement producers and watch brands. Although the changing laws in the US drove demand for a mercury free product, Renata’s commitment to 0% mercury is 100% - worldwide.

The production of Renata’s 0% mercury silver oxide batteries represents the first major overhaul of this product line in more than a decade. Overall battery performance and leakproofness appear absolutely excellent.

Source: Sy Kessler Sales, Inc., North American Headquarters for Renata. [email protected]

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