Bedat & Co presents Model 883 Extravaganza

August 2010

With Model 883, Bedat & Co keeps its promise to enthral watch lovers with its fine jewellery collection N° 8.

Inspired by the aesthetic traditions of Art Deco, this rare and exquisite timepiece epitomises the beautiful marriage of artistic virtuosity and the finest Swiss mastery in watchmaking.

Bedat & Co presents Model 883 Extravaganza

With a rosette-styled centre resembling the works of Art Deco Marquetry, this timepiece has been intricately assembled with utmost precision. Coupled with white gold rings that encircle the clock face, the design gives the appearance of a shimmering spiral.

Twenty-two diamonds of different sizes were carefully selected to highlight the different ent thickness of the gold rings. These precious stones only serve to bring to light just how meticulously created is this masterpiece.

Bedat & Co presents Model 883 Extravaganza

Reflecting the precious jewellery of the nineteen thirties, the white gold bracelet is adorned with 600 diamonds, with the links interconnected by the structured lines of baguette diamonds. Whilst the timepiece’s elegant clasp incorporates the ‘No. 8’ symbol of the renowned Geneva House, which represents the hourglass but also signifies good fortune.

Source: Bedat & Co

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