Ernst Benz ChronoScope PVD Instrument Series

November 2010

Ernst Benz released the Limited Edition ChronoScope to celebrate the introduction of the Instrument Series, a new collection of timepieces inspired by Benz’s original aircraft instrumentation.

In the continual effort to tell the story of Ernst Benz and the precision aviation instruments the company is renowned for, Leonid Khankin, Ernst Benz Designer and Managing Director, introduced new dial and set of hands reminiscent of the original mid-century design that inspired the cockpit gauges Mr. Benz produced in the 1960s and 70s.

Ernst Benz ChronoScope PVD Instrument Series

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, this Limited Edition ChronoScope is available exclusively in Ernst Benz’s signature 47mm size with two different dials; one being matte as in the original aircraft version for legibility and the other being made of carbon fibre mesh, a material often found in aerospace applications; both versions are limited to 250 pieces.

Ernst Benz ChronoScope PVD Instrument Series

The dial’s numerals and hands are finished either in white luminescent for legibility or orange luminescent; as orange has a specific meaning in aviation for attention. The hands were designed to be exactly like the needles of the gauges of Benz’s original aircraft instruments, and for this release, custom black calendar disks were produced to complement the finish of the dial printed in corresponding colors to match either the white or orange numerals.

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