Black Belt Spirit Watch

November 2010

Following the success of the exclusive Black Belt Watch comes a more accessible incarnation with all the heart of the original. Made in Switzerland, the Black Belt Watch is made available only to holders of certified black belts in a martial art. Owners of a Black Belt Watch must be members of an exclusive club of dedicated individuals who have displayed the values necessary to master a traditional fighting art.

Black Belt Spirit Watch

The very people responsible for the Black Belt Watch are proud to now announce a second timepiece. Imbued with the same values as the original Black Belt watch, the Black Belt Spirit watch carries with it the same values and responsibilities as the original. Owners of a Black Belt Spirit watch will be asked to agree to live by a code of values. The same values that traditional Japanese Samurai were bonded to live by.

The purchasing contract for the Black Belt Spirit Watch stipulates that its owner will follow the ancestral tradition of the Budokai to always have: respect, honor, courage, loyalty and rectitude. These are the principles of the Black Belt watch – values it owners will always remember when wearing the watch.

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