Obaku adds to its unique DNA

January 2011

DNA is said to be the alphabet of life and contains the genetic instructions which make us unique as individuals. Every brand needs to have its own distinct DNA.

Clean, minimalist Scandinavian design has always been at the core of Obaku’s DNA profile. However, this season Obaku is making an even clearer statement. Traditionally clean minimalist design has been associated with ultra slim watches where less is more.

Obaku adds to its unique DNA

Such ultra slim watches are still a major part of Obaku’s collection and will most likely remain on the top seller lists. In the mean time a new generation of clean designer watches has emerged in the Obaku collection, where there is great focus on distinctly masculine and feminine expressions.

Obaku adds to its unique DNA

Obaku is a line of watches designed by the two Danes Christian Mikkelsen and Lau Liengaard Ruge. The brand is based on a branch of the Zen philosophy, called Obaku, which aims to rid your life of all unnecessary details and to focus on the essence. This philosophy goes hand in hand with the Danish design traditions, where the mantra of less is more is in focus.

Source: Obaku

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