Manufacture Royale starts a serial production of Opera

February 2011

Manufacture Royale will manufacture its first Opera model series after having boldly unveiled it at the end of 2010 to amateurs in the art of watchmaking as well as collectors.

Aesthetes of luxury timepiece works of art were very enthusiastic about this exceptional timepiece when it was released. Although the first few that were made remain unique pieces reserved for the art market and the manufacturing heritage, Opera now has 5 editions in series production (rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, bicolour gold, and platinum).

Manufacture Royale starts a serial production of Opera “Opera” rear view, resonance box unfolded, protective crystal open. ©Manufacture Royale SA

Each 100% Swiss-made collection piece is numbered, designed at the Vallorbe manufacturing site, and made strictly identical to the original work of art.

The ultimate in luxury, each numbered Opera piece has a lifetime warranty from Manufacture Royale, and extra, separate clockwork parts for each piece are filed with the manufacturer’s notary along with assembly instructions.

Manufacture Royale starts a serial production of Opera “Opera” Front view. ©Manufacture Royale SA

Now that it is in series production, Manufacture Royale can offer the Opera timepiece (Répétition Minute Tourbillon) to many amateurs, enthusiasts, and collectors at a recommended retail price of 345,600 CHF(Suggested retail price including all applicable taxes (8% VAT). Prices may vary depending on local taxes.) through a select network of the world’s best retailers in the biggest cities.

Manufacture Royale starts a serial production of Opera Movement Manufacture Royale repeater and tourbillon of the “Opera” model. ©Manufacture Royale SA

It is important to note that technical research for waterproofing timepieces while providing optimum sound diffusion of the Répétition Minute has been accomplished, which now meets the needs of well-informed collectors that live in humid areas of the world, specifically in Asia.

Source: Manufacture Royale SA

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