Adore Tutti Frutti by Rodolphe

March 2011

The designer Rodolphe Cattin'>Cattin has the aim to design a Timepiece for Ladies that is Exclusively Feminine. Far away from some usual practices to reduce a man watch and to add diamonds on it: too easy and not really feminine! Rodolphe Cattin concentrated his design research on curves. He worked with passion the purity and finesse of the lines.

The achievement is harmony: a lady watch with a unique design. Totally distinctive. 4 little balls welcome with elegance an alligator strap. The soft curved sapphire glass enhances the pure mother-of-pearl dial displaying two time zones animated by a Small quartz complication movement.

Adore Tutti Frutti by Rodolphe

In the presented model, Rodolphe Cattin gives full life to this creation by adding a colourful setting of several diamonds playing with blue sapphires, rubies and tsavorites. Glamour and beauty for this Lady time peace, also designed in several other proposals.

Source: Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin

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