Ritmo Mvndo’s Red Square Watch

April 2011 - Ritmo Mundo introduces Red Square, an aesthetically daring, innovative and contemporary time-keeper.

A tribute to the stunning architectural beauty of Russia, Red Square illustrates the magnitude of this country’s well kept secrets. The original concept was created by Ali Soltani, the founder of Ritmo Mundo during a trip to Moscow in 2009. “Upon arrival on the Red Square, I was totally captivated by the majesty of the buildings. I could feel all around me centuries of fascinating history” says Ali Soltani.

Ritmo Mvndo's Red Square Watch

The massive 48mm wide and 13mm thick Red Square case is inspired by the architectural codes of the Red Square in Moscow. A square in rose gold is engraved with tiny bricks like these paving the floor of the Red Square. The beauty of the SW200 automatic skeleton caliber at the heart of the case appears below the purest of sapphire crystal and is enhanced by two very distinctive colors: grey and matte black.

Ritmo Mvndo's Red Square Watch

These two color tones are used on the walls of the famous Kremlin, an exceptional building and also the symbol of power in Russia. Since the Glasnost period, many of Russia’s state secrets have disappeared; with four openings located at each cardinal point, Red Square symbolizes the new Russian freedom and unveils the hope shared by the new generations.

Source: Ritmo Mundo