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JS Watch - Frisland special edition

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August 2011

Volcanoes have been a important part of iceland’s history since the very beginning of time. Having 130 volcanic mountains, eruptions in Iceland are ommonplace. In fact, one historic eruption, in 1785, lasted two years and wiped out a quarter of Iceland’s population.

JS Watch - Frisland special edition

Last year, the world was again reminded of the power of iceland’s volcanoes as several began to erupt, the most infamous being Eyjafjallajökull. Upsetting Europe’s air travel for quite some time, Eyjafjallajökull’s power reminds us of how significant man is in the grand scheme of things.

As Iceland’s only watch company, JS Watch Company decided to commemorate these eruptions with a special edition in the Frisland series. This new watch, Frisland goð, features a dial made out of actual ash from Eyjafjallajökull.

JS Watch - Frisland special edition

The goð dial is made with ashes from the eyjafjallajökull eruption using a very special technique. First, clear color is applied to the galvanic black dial, then the volcanic ash is sprinkled into the wet color. After the color and ash have dried, the surface of the dial is polished but care is taken to let the texture and character of the ash come through. Then the white indexes and numbers and the red “goð” are printed on the dial.

Source: JS Watch CO.


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