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Carl F. Bucherer’s new Alacria Swan

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November 2011

The Alacria Swan from Carl F. Bucherer represents a tribute to the Bucherer family and firm, and to the city of Lucerne, where the Carl F. Bucherer watch brand was created. Set with over 1,300 diamonds, this astonishing piece of jewelry reflects the highest standards enshrined in the traditional art of jewelry at Carl F. Bucherer.

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the region around Lucerne offers countless holiday pleasures within a very small area, and has therefore rightly been called “Switzerland in miniature”.

In addition to impressive landmarks such as the world famous chapel bridge and Mount Pilatus, it is the countless swans on Lake Lucerne that make the city so magical. Strolling along the idyllic lakeside walk, observers are magically drawn into the spell cast by these mythical creatures as they glide gracefully and majestically across the lake, transforming the crystal-clear water into a shimmering “Swan Lake”.

Carl F. Bucherer's new Alacria Swan

Apart from Lake Lucerne, swans (which in mythology are regarded as a symbol of our dreams) have inspired another place in Lucerne: the Schwanenplatz, from 1894 onwards the home of the first branch of Bucherer, which opened in the Kapellgasse in 1888.

With the Alacria Swan, Carl F. Bucherer presents a masterpiece within the feminine “Alacria” range. The name, which is a tribute to the Bucherer family that founded the company, is intended to recall their dream of having their own business, brought to fruition long ago in Lucerne. The name is also based on powerful symbols, legendary myths and romantic fairytales.

With 348 diamonds on the case, 137 diamonds on the dial, one diamond on the crown and 844 on the bracelet, all of the very highest quality, the Alacria range now shines with a new brilliance. Each individual jewel has been painstakingly set by hand, so that the watch reflects the very highest standards of the art of jewelry at Carl F. Bucherer.