Fortis’s new interpretation of “cool”

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December 2011

Fortis has a long tradition of collaboration with well-known artists to create special, limited edition “art watches” that are based on proven Fortis mechanisms.

Already, well known artists such as Michael Mattern, Andora and Rolf Sachs have created memorable designs that capture the imagination. Now, the well known German architect and industrialist Rolf Sachs has created the Frisson, a spectacular new “art watch” for Fortis that surpasses the innovative and humorous “IQ” Watch, which he introduced with Fortis in 2008.

The new Frisson, which literally means chill or shiver in French, is intriguing and completely different from anything you’ve seen before. According to Sachs, he was tired of the sterile quality of many modern watches and used hand-lettered numerals on the dial to soften and humanise the look.

Fortis's new interpretation of “cool”

The watch has a special finish on the mineral glass crystal that resembles an iced vodka glass just out of the freezer. Sachs wants to encourage the wearer to physically interact with the watch by wiping a wet finger over the dial or breathing on it to get a clearer view through the frosted glass.

This breathtaking design literally changes in appearance every time you touch it. The moisture of your breath brings clarity to the dial for just a moment, before it returns to being semi hidden by a veil of icy frost.

A brilliant choice of materials enhances the “cool” appearance of this distinctive and unusual timepiece. Each Frisson 25 jewel automatic Swiss movement is encased in brushed stainless steel and fitted with a transparent silicon strap with folding clasp. The watch features cool aqua-coloured luminous coated hands that glow softly through the frosted glass.

Only 999 pieces of this uniquely individual art watch will ever be produced.

Source: Gevril Group