Angular Momentum’s Glowing Urushi

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December 2011

The “Email Lumineuse” developed by AM in 2004 is a fusion of enamel and a non-radioactive, organic sulphate which glows for many hours after being loaded under artificial or sun light for a period of only a few minutes. The glowing capacity of the Email Lumineuse by far exceeds that of the the organic luminous substances used in horology today.

Now after the Email Lumineuse, the “Glowing Urushi” Japanese lacquer has been mixed in Angular Momentum‘s witches‘ kitchen, a balanced mixture of organic Blue “Luminous Sulphate”, “Titanium White” and “Nashiji Urushi”, the most transparent Urushi lacquer produced in Japan from the sap of very old tree branches.

Angular Momentum's Glowing Urushi Angular Momentum's Glowing Urushi
Left: by day - Right: by night

The application process of Glowing Urushi is done layer on layer as with normal Urushi but with a spatula instead of a brush. The dials are put in the “Furô” with a constant temperature of 25°C and humidity of 75% upside down, which allows the heavy sulphates to “sink“ to the surface. While the Email Lumineuse can only be applied on horizontal surfaces, the Glowing Urushi can be applied also on vertical and round surfaces.

Though the mixture contains titanium white pigments and a slightly honey colored Urushi lacquer, a very a strong and constant brightness is achieved.