Cyrus & Freddy Nock

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December 2011

From 1998 to 2011, Freddy Nock set a series of world records, achieving the ultimate accolade, seven world records in seven days, in August 2011. Freddy Nock commands admiration when he tells us that at no time does he even consider the possibility of falling off the cable, whether walking it at temperatures of -15 degrees, with winds of 80km per hour, altitudes of 3,300 metres... He never contemplated this, not just mentally, but also physically, because he never attaches a safety cable... He may fall; he may not grab hold.

Cyrus & Freddy Nock

Freddy Nock, tightrope walking on a cable. / Picture by Ernst A. Kehrli

In 2011, Cyrus, the independent Swiss watch brand, and Freddy Nock, met for the very first time. But then... how to reconcile two characters, so strong and independent? The answer can be read on the wrists.

Freddy Nock, during his exploits as a tightrope walker, walks on a long cable (each time longer, and higher for that matter, than before) with a balancing pole... Now imagine that this pole is replaced by two Cyrus watches, one on each wrist. And then Freddy Nock starts to walk on his steel cable with only the power of Cyrus as his source of balance.

As of 1 December 2011, all exploits of Freddy Nock are carried out with Cyrus watches on his wrists. Already the next world records are in sight, in Europe and in Asia. Prepare yourself for meaningful moments. Two spirits combine into one, and together, set off to conquer the world.