New Damoiselle D watch inspired by Monet’s water lilies

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January 2012

This watch embodies timeless universal values of femininity and renewal. In painting explorations, the oval is a space where material and colour interact with the world.

New Damoiselle D watch inspired by Monet's water lilies

Various heavenly bodies are attracted to their respective planets and describe pure and perfect elliptical shapes as their orbit around them, just as the Earth turns around the Sun. The blue dial, made of pure “grand-feu” enamelling brings a density and an exceptional shine. Blue is a wise, gentle and romantic colour in harmony with the delicacy of design and sobriety of dial.

The model was inspired by Monet’s Cycle of Water Lilies - a search for the infinite and will give rise to some 300 paintings. With the large Water Lilies, Claude Monet had imagined a whole panoramic giving “the illusion of an endless whole, of a wave with no horizon and no bank.” He will begin his achieving seventeen years later. He developed a space allowing it to evolve from the circle to the oval and then a double ellipse symbol of infinity.