Damoiselle D & the art of enamelling

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January 2012

From the antiquity, the enamelling is associated with the goldsmith’s trade and the jewelry. In the XVIth century in Blois, the techniques of enamelling are used to decorate watches.

Engravers and French enamellers reproduce motives proposed by the contemporary creators of ornaments. Over the centuries, this craft, passed on from father to son, evolves, innovates, and perfects itself. The French stylistic trends influenced the watch-making decorations in Europe.

Damoiselle D & the art of enamelling
Left, Damoiselle Rosa with green translucent enamelling - Right, Damoiselle Rosa with black enamelled dial.

Damoiselle Rosa whispers her incomparable harmony through its eight graceful petals. The figure 8 symbolizes happiness, luck and prosperity. The pure enamel brings a deep density and an exceptional shine. These unique pieces testify of a pure delicacy and an elegant sobriety. It is a poetry celebrating the eternity and the rarity.