Jordi presents its “Icons of the World” collection

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January 2012

On the occasion of the Geneva Time Exhibition, Michel Jordi is unveiling a new facet of the Jordi Swiss Icon brand concept. Because icons know no borders, the brand pays tribute to legendary locations around the world through a collection enriched with eight exceptional watches, each limited to 3 unique pieces.

Jordi presents its “Icons of the World” collection

To create this exceptional collection of eight models, each produced in a series of three unique and signed watches, Michel Jordi has called upon the talent of the brilliant watchmaker and developer Jean-François Mojon from Le Locle. Awarded Best Watchmaker Prize at the 2010 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, he is known for his ingenuity in a wide range of exceptional horological creations.

For the “Icons of the World” collection, he has created an original gong-striking alarm movement. Instead of the traditional vibrations of the case-back, a hammer strikes the gong at the low rate of one impulse per second. In this instance, Jean-François Mojon’s art consisted in slowing down the striking mechanism to the point where it echoes the characteristic cadence of a mountain chapel bell.

The finely crafted anthracite hand-wound movement with complication features superb finishing with black and red engravings. Visible through the sophisticated multilayer openworked dial, it radiates a truly harmonious visual appeal.