The Quantième Perpétuel QP01 by Antoine Martin

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March 2012

By establishing the Antoine Martin watch Manufactory in Alpnach, in the heart of Switzerland, master watchmaker Martin Braun realised his dream of manufacturing a contemporary movement and creating unique, state-of-the-art modern timepieces.

The Quantième Perpétuel QP01 by Antoine Martin

Two years of work were needed to envisage, create and produce this extraordinary watch, with its high aesthetic and technical standards. Among many other surprises are an oversized grade 5 titanium balance and a high-tech silicon escapement requiring no lubricant for extreme efficiency.

As well as the talent displayed by the artist-watchmaker, the watch is an aesthetic joy to behold, with the case specifically designed to house the large movement. A work of art that perfectly sets off the manifold displays of its perpetual calendar.