Daniel Strom unveils its Agonium Collection [Video]

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June 2012

Nothing is identical. Nothing is regular or smooth. A certain edginess infiltrates the sculpted depths and mounds. The watches in the Agonium collection are clearly as much masterpieces of metal as they are feats of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Strom Watches “Memento Mori” Watch

Closer inspection reveals the tiny lines left behind by the sculptor. But not a trace of soldering. Each piece has been created from a handcrafted mould and then finished by hand, coaxing the metal - silver, gold, platinum or palladium - into the desired form while deferring to its prestige. Achieving such a result requires unquestionable artistic talent, but also patience and attention to every gesture. A proven savoir-faire that gives the full measure of the artist’s skill.

The first model in the Agonium collection is called “Memento Mori”. Beneath its rebellious, Gothic outer shell lies true substance. Before being a timepiece, “Memento Mori” is a reflection of our existential questions. Birth, death, life, time, rebirth. Daniel Strom’s creation confronts us with our mortality and challenges our vanities. The skulls that embellish the watch are far from being a mere facade. They are a powerful symbol. Life. To be lived to the full.

While the primary function of “Memento Mori” goes beyond the measure of time, it no less does justice to Swiss watchmaking expertise. The case, finished by hand but crafted from a unique mould, represents the fusion of watchmaking and metal art. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium, as many versions as moods, are brought to life by the artist’s talent. The sculpted case encloses the inner case that holds the movement, an ETA 2824 calibre. As for the dial, it borrows the hallmarks of two world-renowned clocks: Big Ben in London and the Zytglogge in Bern. “Bone white” or black with twelve Roman numerals, it is the epitome of discretion. A trio of hands counts time: hours, minutes and seconds.