The Aspen Downhill GT - Aspen One Collection’s Sports Timepiece

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June 2012

The limited edition Aspen One collection has been extended with a sports version called Downhill GT. This watch combines 18crt Gold en details and Titanium in the outer case and has a golden inner case. Its weight has been reduced with more than 50% compared with the full golden version.

The Aspen Downhill GT - Aspen One Collection's Sports Timepiece

Aspen One is the first luxury timepiece collection introduced by Aspen Jewelry and Watches. Aspen One is a Swiss-made timepiece, and is a tribute to Aspen and its crown jewel, Aspen Mountain.

The collection has a variety of colors that can be chosen for the dial as well as the vessel. The whole Aspen One collection has a total limitation in production of 3’267 pieces.

All models of Aspen One boast unique elements that are specific to Aspen. A specially designed compass shows you where you are on top of Aspen Mountain. The number four on the dial is orange, which is the time to change your ski strap to your après-ski strap (done in a few seconds with a technique similar to removing a ski from a boot). In keeping with the tradition of the Ute Indians of Aspen, this color symbolizes prosperity. Orange is also the color of mountain security. With your watch comes a pair of beautiful deerskin gloves, specially made for Aspen One. One of the gloves has a cut-away, so you can always see your Aspen One.

Aspen Mountain is the bold mountain commonly referred to as Ajax. The elevation of 3,276 feet from the base of the mountain to its peak is the basis for Aspen One’s limited edition.

By buying this watch, the client buys one virtual foot of this glorious mountain. This fact will be shown in a delicate way on the mountain. In a beautiful location named the Black Diamond, a special monument has been constructed. Three rock formations will feature the names of all watch buyers and their unique virtual elevation number.