Saskia Maaike Bouvier’s Yin & Yang Time

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July 2012

A watch with an entirely guilloché dial, leaving appearing the symbol of opposite but complementary energies: the “yin-yang” by Saskia maaike Bouvier.

Saskia Maaike Bouvier's Yin & Yang Time

Saskia maaike Bouvier’s Yin & Yang Time Creation

Considered as two factors of the universe’s harmony, these two energies are interacting, and can not exist without the other. The very principle of this symbol, is to achieve the perfect balance. Instead of using colors, the symbol is interpreted by leaving an harmonious contrast of chiaroscuro, which, according to the movements and the ambient light, is constantly confronted between duality and equality.

This shadow and light effect reveals the fine grooves of the dial. The changing light settling on the watch, allow to discover different reflections of the yin-yang, by always revealing its original nature. This creation thus reflects the idea that every external influence upon us, bounces off us, and radiates differently with every passing moment.

Every woman is free to interpret the changing state of the symbol on her wrist, depending on whether she feels more inclined towards the yin or the yang.