Roger Dubuis’ Exciting New Website [Video]

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August 2012

Following its highly original advertising campaign, the Roger Dubuis revolution continues with a new website infused with the brand’s identifiable features, its imagination, magic and daring nature, combined with the latest on-line technological innovations.

Roger Dubuis' Exciting New Website

The striking creativity of Roger Dubuis watches and its advertising campaigns is also clearly apparent in its new website, an authentic global business card. Like the new advertising campaign, the Roger Dubuis website highlights the four symbolic worlds of Player, Warrior, Venturer and Diva.

It provides an interactive introduction to what lies beyond the door of each of these unique worlds and travels to the heart of the Roger Dubuis universe. Clicking on the visual launches an animation that explores the environment of the Incredible Warrior: a grotto where the light of ancient torches reveals the Excalibur collection.

Roger Dubuis' Exciting New Website

The door to the Incredible Diva lifts the veil on the mysterious, intriguing subterranean world that protects the Velvet collection. The Incredible Player decor takes us into a room with a thick red carpet, home to the Monégasque collection. The world of the Incredible Venturer includes a high-security area where the Pulsion models are kept safe.

“I am very proud of the Roger Dubuis team’s work on the website, which has already received several important awards” says Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of Roger Dubuis, “It is a perfect reflection of the company’s renewal. It demonstrates our new communications and highlights our four collections in their fantastic worlds. Strategically, it is our global business card and will help us to create or strengthen the links with our customers. Already more than 80,000 visitors have immersed themselves in the Incredible Universe of Roger Dubuis since it went online.”

Roger Dubuis' Exciting New Website

The entire content of the website can be shared on local or global social networks ranging from the best-known to the newest (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, Pinterest, Instragram, PuristSPro, Watchonista, Youku et Weibo).

This network exchange enhances the virality of the content and helps to maintain a direct link between Roger Dubuis and the internet community. This direct link was strengthened in June by creating a simplified Chinese version of the site. Traditional Chinese, French, Russian and Japanese will be added in the coming months.

As an overview, here is the film presenting the brand’s new website:

Source: Roger Dubuis