Raymond Weil presents 2012-2013 advertising campaign

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September 2012

Raymond Weil maintains its strong musical connections for its latest advertising campaign, in which musical scores are peeled away to reveal the brand’s watches beneath, surrounded by a halo of light.

The campaign promotes Watch collection that are firmly linked with the world of music, with names such as Parsifal, Nabucco, Maestro, Tango and Jasmine recalling the grand masters and opera melodies that have inspired the brand.

The 2012-2013 Raymond Weil advertising campaign
The 2012-2013 Raymond Weil advertising campaign

Chiaroscuro photographs bring to life the timepieces, which are strikingly lit against the background of musical scores, a style that has been chosen in homage to the photographic work of the famous Parisian Harcourt Studio.

In a new move, a snappy slogan—“Precision is my inspiration”—is associated with campaign, recalling the precision that is the ultimate quest of any master artist, including, of course, a watchmaker.